According to WorldNewsDailyReport, the current status of 'the oldest mother in the world' is owned by Anatolia Vertadella.
The oldest mum
She is an Italian woman who is 101-year-old. And about a month ago she gave birth to her 17th child.

The child went healthy despite the advanced age of a woman. Her story was spread by the Italian local newspaper, named Rivista Napoli.
However, this child was born over a struggle of this 101-year-old woman.

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The struggle for giving a birth
Obviously, her body wasn't able to born a child in such an age. Due to this fact, Anatolia needed a special surgery operation that is prohibited to be done in Europe. So she went to the Turkey clinic.
Doctors don't judge Anatolia: they think her story is miraculous, because giving a birth in such an age is unbelievable.

About 48 years ago Anatolia Vertadella was diagnosed with cancer. She thought her body wouldn't be able to give birth anymore. But this operation was like a 'God's gift' for her.
The father of a child
The husband of Miss Vertadella died in 1998. That's why this woman needed donor's assistance to get pregnant successfully. Due to this fact, the biological father of a child remains unknown.
Netizens have different points of view on this event. Some of them consider Anatolia to be 'selfish'. She doesn't care about her kid, whose chances to become an orphan are pretty high.
This is Anatolia and she is happy with her 17th child
This is Anatolia and she is happy with her 17th child

At the very same time, other people say that such sort of giving a birth is a miracle and it's great. This child will be happy, especially having so many adult siblings.
How do you think, was it the right decision of Anatolia?
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