Did singer Angeline Quinto truly say, "Ang ganda commotion nito. Siguro bobo to," when alluding to Miss Philippines Maxine Medina?

Well… yes-and-no as indicated by this funny viral video.

The viral video is really a scene from Star Cinema's 2014 drama film 'Magnificence in a Bottle', featuring Angeline nearby Angelica Panganiban and Assunta de Rossi.

Clearly, Angeline's remarks towards Maxine were a piece of a scene in the film made 3 years before Miss Philippines' appearance at the 65th Miss Universe. In this scene, Angeline's character "Judith" is eating with Pocholo, played by Tom Rodriguez, and his family.

Angeline's character is clearly exceptionally shaky about imparting the table to alternate delights, one of whom is "Peaches" depicted by none other than Maxine Medina. Judith imagines that Peaches is extremely excellent - yet judges her, saying she's most likely dumb. Things being what they are Peaches was really a legal counselor, having gotten through the Bar exams with a positioning of Top 6!

It gets significantly more clumsy for Judith starting there forward when Pocholo's mom, Donya Charito - depicted by Nanette Inventor - requests that her sing directly before the family!

The short very nearly 4-minute-long clasp was transferred by netizen Oxford Teehankee on Facebook. As of this written work, the video cut has accumulated 4,500 responses and more than 1,900 shares.

Netizens were delighted to watch the funny clip and Maxine's acting chops.

Some netizens picked up on the joke right away.

Mc Orence wrote: “Pati ba naman sa Movie judgmental sila kay Maxine. Hahahaha”

Other netizens noticed a surprising coincidence when it was revealed that Maxine's character, Peaches, made it to the Top 6 in the Bar exams. Maxine, of course, was in the Top 6 at the 2016 Miss Universe pageant.

Oxford Teehankee wrote: "Top 6 nga tlga siya!"

Ramil Christian wrote: "Mind blown! TOP 6!"

Watch the funny clip from Beauty in a Bottle here!

Source: ENP - Facebook  

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