"My friends and I share the sentiments of many of our FB friends who have called for action to help our President. We are raring to go just like many of you but we have to have a decisive action.

This political battle is a numbers game. If we claim to have that numbers then we have won. But we just have to show it and use it. We can use our numbers to grant revolutionary powers to President Duterte.

In EDSA 1986, more than two million people granted Cory Aquino revolutionary powers. They claimed to represent the sovereign will of our people. Cory used this to issue Proclamation # 3 to install a revolutionary government and to adopt a provisional constitution. Can we do this? I believe so. It is not exclusive to the forces of EDSA 86.

This is what we want to do. We want to initiate a campaign to mobilize the 21 million voters of the President so they can grant him revolutionary powers and do what Cory did. You may call this a campaign to give the opposition a dose of their own medicine. This campaign is to help empower our President to accomplish his task of bringing change in our country.

We have a number to reach and even go beyond it. Cory Aquino needed only two million people to be granted with revolutionary powers. And 17 million people to ratify the 1987 Constitution.

We need a united front effort to surpassed the 2 million mark.
We can start with an internet campaign and when we have the numbers, we can converge to grant President Duterte the revolutionary power.

We can start small. Remember, revolutions were started by small groups of patriots. We can start where we are with our family, relatives and friends.

Never despise a small beginning. Remember, the flap of a butterfly can create a tornado. We just have to continue to love our people and believe that we are doing this for them. And by the grace of God, we can succeed.

We are not really that small. In fact, there are more than 21 million Filipinos waiting and eager to come into action. We just have to join hands and move as one. All Duterte supporters must come together.

This must be a people’s initiative to reflect the true will of the Filipino people. We have to put up our own provision to accomplish this.

This is our idea of a decisive action to take. An idea of putting our sentiments into action. What do you think? Can we do this? Will you be part of it? Will you help?

If you are willing we will start it.

We do not desire to lead you. We have to lead ourselves and work together if we want real change be made in our country. We must be driven to do this by our love for our country."

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