When Rita Gabiola — a.k.a. 'Badjao Girl' — was photographed in the Pahiyas Festival in Lucban, she didn’t have any idea that she would become extremely famous.

Netizens were captivated by her beauty, which was emphasized by her natural 'kayumanggi' skin and her refined features. She quickly became a viral sensation which made her life change forever.

She was tapped to become one of the housemates in ‘Pinoy Big Brother’ last 2016. She appeared on the reality TV show along with Kristine Hammond, who was given the moniker of 'Yakult Girl' by the media.

However, her stay was rife with controversy as the MTRCB summoned the PBB executives because of an alleged incident of bullying.

In one of the instances, her fellow housemate — 15-year-old Christian Morones — decided not to speak to her after they completed their task of performing on top of an Oobleck-filled stage.

Gabiola broke down after being ignored by him and she stated that it reminded her of the times when her parents would fight with each other.

Morones, on the other hand, claimed that Gabiola “needed to be taught a lesson,” which prompted Big Brother to speak to him as well.

Gabiola was then nominated for eviction due to her “supposed immaturity” and her “lack of cooperation.”

In the afternoon of March 1, 2017, another possible 'Badjao Girl' was spotted. Facebook fan page ‘Bes, Kalma’ uploaded six photos featuring an extremely adorable girl who is now touted as the "Badjao Girl of Guihulngan."






Many netizens gushed over her cute features, particularly her large, doe-like eyes. The pictures were credited to Demi Nathanel Torres Calumba.

One user, Eleanor Sellers, said, “She is gorgeous. Hope her parents can protect her from maniacs and phidophiles [SIC] and kidnappers. Keep your eyes on her please, take care. God bless.”

Another user, Lhiezel AmOra, even thought the girl looked like a young Chloe Moretz. She commented, “May pagka chloe moritz mukha siyang foreigner sana badjao na lang ako.”

Yha Ng said, “Pwede xang maging endorser or either Arista...So pretty naman this baby.”

What do you think about the "Badjao Girl of Guihulngan?" Isn’t she just the cutest? Share your opinions in the comments section!

[source] - TNP, Facebook

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