Did you know that Japanese/Brazillian actor and model Daniel Matsunaga was caught in a elevator scandal back in 2011?

He was still in a relationship with Heart Evangelista that time and was working for GMA-7. The video got leaked on YouTube, surprising both fans and friends of Daniel.

It showed a girl entering the elevator with Daniel following her. Moments later, Daniel was seen making a move on her and attempted to kiss her.

The kiss was quick because they got interrupted by the opening of the elevator. 

According to the Daniel, it was all staged. The elevator scene was just a teaser for his Veet endorsement.

"I apologize, if there are problems. Pero, this is, I hope, understand of everybody, that this is just endorsement for Veet. This is just a teaser. Everything was just fake, you know? There was no kissing scene. So in the end, it was just the purpose of letting everybody know about it," clarified Daniel on a press conference.

Daniel quickly apologized for those people who believed that the video was real. He said that even Heart and her parents knew about this beforehand.

"Actually before I had this, I asked for her permission, of course. And then she say, 'No, it's fine.' She knew it, her parents knew it also. 'Cause, you know, I want them to also confirm so it won't be too much pressure on me. So everybody knew it already, and it was just a professional job, actually," he said. 

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Source: TNP, GMA

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