It is an alarming fact that the number of rape victims grow larger and larger day by day. It is surprising that even four-month-old infants are being sexually assaulted in the country.
Another young rape victim was reported to have been sexually abused by her own schoolmates.
On March 6, an 11-year-old Grade 4 student was allegedly gang raped by her own schoolmates in Ajuy, Iloilo City. The victim and her family were only able to alert the local authorities of the city days after the incident.
Ajuy-Philippine National Police Chief C/Insp. Charlie Sustento reported that the suspects were aged 11, 12, 14 and 15 Grade 5 pupils of the same elementary school where the victim was studying.
Bombo Radyo initially reported that on Monday afternoon, the suspects asked the victim to go with them near a mountain where the incident happened. According to reports, it was possible that the suspects became curious about the act after they watched pornographic videos. Their sudden curiosity urged them to sexually assault and gang rape the victim.
Meanwhile, the victim underwent medical examinations and counseling to help her recover from the incident. C/Insp. clarified that only the 15-year-old suspect can be legally liable if the victim’s family decided to file legal charges. It is because most of the offenders were not of legal age to be held liable for the incident.


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