People have this notion that celebrities often have a particular sense of entitlement. Most of the time, they are perceived as larger-than-life public figures.
Celebrities, particularly actors and actresses, are often treated with so much respect and adoration that their followers blindly attack anyone who so much as says anything bad about them. Due to their celebrity status, it is inevitable that they act somewhat arrogant and entitled.
However, there are a handful of stars who are truly humble and selfless in nature.
One example would be this famous man who rode a subway train in New York. While inside the public vehicle, he noticed a lady who was forced to stand up because all of the seats were occupied. He calmly stood up and offered his own seat. A fan caught the selfless deed on video and uploaded it online. Since then, it has garnered much attention and praise from many netizens.
But who is the man behind this selfless deed?
None other than the Matrix superstar, Keanu Reeves!
Keanu amazed many fans because of his humility and selflessness. According to them, riding the subway train alone instead of using an expensive private car is already a manifestation of him living a simple and humble life despite his fame and success. Keanu showed that celebrities can be down-to-earth as well.
The video posted by Inspired Life on their Facebook page has already garnered 81,000 reactions, more than 71,000 shares, and 6,600 comments. The video immediately went viral on all social media platforms including Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter.
Netizens posted messages in the comments section about how they felt upon seeing the famous action star doing humble deeds.
Tammy Walker: “Yes, he is an amazing, kind and humbled human being… who also happens to be an actor. His life story is very tragic, yet incredibly inspiring. If you want to be inspired, read his story. Keanu Reeves. The world needs more Keanus!”
Martyne Taylor:Keanu Reeves has a big heart and is humble. Just because he’s rich, doesn’t mean he needs to live the rich lifestyle. I have read many articles of him and in an interview he has said to live in a flat, why live in a big empty house to himself. He still rides the subway and has donated lots to hospitals.”
Javier Rodriguez: “Just the fact that he’s on the subway already shows you what type of guy he is. Not that the subway is bad, I’ve taken it many times, but he could be driving around or be driven around if he really wants to.”
This is not the first time the Hollywood actor touched the hearts of many. According to dailymail.co.uk, he gave away £50 million of his earnings from his blockbuster hit movie the Matrix to the film’s costume and special effects staff.
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Source: Facebook Daily Mail

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