On Facebook page, the Vice President Leni Robredo proudly shared her photos together with nurse volunteer and doctors involved in ‘Operation Smile in Cebu.’

“Bringing smiles to children with cleft-lip palate, Vice President Leni Robredo graces OperationSmile mission in Cebu. This is the first of the 23 missions scheduled all over the country to provide safe surgery and care to 120 children with facial deformities. Operation Smile is an #AngatBuhay partner of the Office of the Vice President of the Philippines. They have pledged to help several #AngatBuhay communities in Bukidnon, Western Samar and Agusan del Sur.”

Robredo’s supporters and also followers of her Facebook page commend for helping our less fortunate brethren.

Cassandra Tolentino wrote in comment section: “Buti pa si Madam VP, helping to uplift the lives of children so they can smile and have a better life…itong Digong government they want to take the lives of 9 year olds.”

Remy Centeno wrote: “VP Leni, the true publiv servant who does her best to help all kinds of people in need. God love and protect VP Leni always.!”

Yaki San remarked: “Yan ang public servant, working and trying to do her best. Hindi tulad ng majority puro tsismis and fabrication ang inaatupag. Sayang, they shoes to let go of you at iwan ang mga kwestionableng karakter ng nakaupo. GMA for Banko Central… Binay appointed as adviser to OFW and Marcos for DILG soon?”

But netizens critical of Robredo has the last say. Check out the comment below.

Minerva Mamasalagat Sacar-Guiling commented to make ‘buking’ Robredo to netizen:“Nakakatwa..credit grabber e bakit wala po sa streamer pangalan nyo dun? Ngreact ang mga doctors anf volunteers na totoong nghirap doon.. nkidaan lang kayo pra magselfie..kakahiya po kayo..matagal nay an na programa..years nay an..tsk tsk tsk desperate na ata po kayo..”

Raymon James Garlan castigated: “We were there from the start to finish, from preparation toaftercare. We volunteered for those dys anf rendered service way beyond our duty. We take pride an joy in helping those people. Please give credit to whom credit is due. Sponsors, Volunteers, Doctors and Nurses have been working day and night for the whole week to make the wholeoperation a success should be applauded and not just credited to one person who have been there for a couple of hours. Just saying and sharing my sentiments! God Bless you all!”

Source: Facebook

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