Facebook user Kim Saundlers Olmoguiz posted two videos showing how they were attacked by an arrogant motorist in a community court.
Kim shared that the man was asking him to dunk, a request which he refused. The motorist then tried to challenge Kim to a fight, but his co-players and some neighbors told him to just let it go.
Moments later, the motorist returned with back-up holding a gun and a samurai. Kim was inside the house with a girl who was filming the scene.

The man can be seen threatening Kim and cursing at him all over the place. Kim kept his cool and warned the man that his uncle will soon come to take revenge for him.
The video became viral in social media garnering 3,200 shares and almost 750 reactions. Kim asks netizens to spread the video and not let the arrogant man get away with this attitude.
Watch the videos here:


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