It can be a difficult experience feeling or knowing that your life partner is cheating on you. This is especially true when you believe he or she is cheating but you have no proof to back your claims.

Jealousy and distrust are very tricky feelings to work through when you’re in-love.
However when you discover proof of your loved one’s infidelity, then what is the right course of action?
Many would say simply break up with the person who hurt you and move on.
This netizen decided to go to a very public forum to voice her anger.
On April 21, a netizen named Glads Antipolo Varela shared a photo which she alleges is proof that her husband was cheating on her.
In this photo, Ms. Varela shared a photo of her husband seemingly embracing his alleged mistress from behind.
The scorned wife wrote this savage caption to really stick it to her husband: “Wala ka na ngang maibigay sa anak mo, nagawa mo pang mambabae… Pakitag nalang po yung babae sa mga nakakakilala,”
(You can’t provide for your own child and yet you still have the nerve to fool around with other women… For those who know the identity of the lady, please tag her.)
Ms. Varela even had a follow-up post concerning her complicated status with her husband.
“Pagsisisihan mo lahat! naguumpisa pa lang ako,” she wrote.
(You’ll regret everything you’ve done! I’m just getting started!)
Pinay Wife Revealed The Identity Of Her Cheating Husband's Mistress By Posting Their Sexy Photo Online!
You know what they say, “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.”
Remember dear readers: it’s better to be honest and break up with your lovers than to cheat on them and have them find out later on.

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