Wang Yi has served as China’s foreign minister since March 2013. He is tasked to provide support for Chinese nationals abroad and is responsible for state diplomatic duties. On June 29, Thursday, the Chinese foreign minister promised something to the Filipino people.

Wang Yi said:

“I want to tell the people of the Philippines that whenever difficulties and challenges, China will always stand by your side.”

According to People’s Television, Wang Yi released the statement in a joint press conference following his meeting with Philippine Foreign Secretary Alan Peter Cayetano at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs headquarters in Pasay City.

Cayetano, meanwhile, said that he deeply appreciated China’s support and thanked them “for the kind of words and assurance that China will always be there for the Philippines in times of need.”

On June 27, Tuesday, China donated ₱15 million to those affected by the casualties in Marawi City.

The source said that Wang Yi indicated it was just the first in a series of emergency assistance to ensure that they keep their vow to help the Philippines in reconstructing the terrorist-razed city of Marawi and the surrounding area. Wang Yi said:

“Fight against terrorism is a shared responsibility of all countries. China has participated actively in combating terrorism. The Philippines as close neighbor is facing severe challenges caused by terrorism and of course China will not hesitate in extending its helping hands to close neighbor.”

The Foreign Minister also believes that the Philippines will overcome all difficulties and challenges – particularly attacks of terrorism -under the presidency of Rodrigo Duterte. Wang Yi said:

“China and the Philippines have been always close neighbors, helping each other in times of needs and we are good friends and partners.”

In the joint press conference, Cayetano also relayed President Duterte’s gratitude for the warm reception the President received when he visited China. Duterte went to Beijing on October 2016 and May 2017.

Wang Yi also said that China will continue to have friendly and bilateral dialogues with the country about the maritime dispute in the South China Sea. He said:

“We agreed to continue to dialogue to further enhance cooperation and settle differences by jointly upholding peace and stability in the South China Sea.”


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