Former President and current Pampanga Congresswoman Gloria Macapagal Arroyo praised the current president, Rodrigo Duterte, for his bold reforms and his ability to “inspire and unite” the people in his first year of presidency. Arroyo said:

“President Rodrigo Duterte has shown awesome leadership and resolve in the many programs that he promised to do during his presidency.”

“In his first year, he managed to institute various bold reforms against illegal drugs and corruption. His Build, Build, Build initiative is commendable and is a step in the right direction towards achieving inclusive growth.”

Arroyo’s government was marred by numerous controversies in regard to electoral cheating and alleged cases of corruption. However, that did not stop her from once again being voted into a position of power. For the former president, President Duterte managed to inspire and unite the Filipino people. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo stated:

“More than his accomplishments in his work as President, President Duterte has achieved to inspire and unite the Filipino people towards his goal of effecting real change for the country. I wish him success and the best of health for the rest of his term as he fulfills his mandate for the nation and for the people.”

Shortly after winning the presidential election, Duterte began to develop a close relationship with former president Arroyo. He also appointed many of her former subordinates to office and occasionally seeks her counsel. He also often invites her to official gatherings.

Meanwhile, Former Senator Bongbong Marcos, Jr., a known ally of the president, also lauded Duterte for being a “good leader” and establishing an “important position” of the country in the international community. He said:

“President Rodrigo Duterte has shown one singular quality that is very clear and the reason why he is very popular–the quality of leadership. For example, he has redirected our foreign policy and that is the reason why we have regained once again a crucial and important position in the international community to the benefit of the Philippines. It is the same with various domestic policies.”

The former senator also said that Filipinos recognize the president’s efforts. Bongbong stated:

“Only a good leader can do that and he managed to do just that.”


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