On Tuesday, June 27, 2017, 5 people were found dead inside their house at North Ridge Royal Subdivision in Bulacan. The heinous crime was dubbed the Bulacan Massacre. The person who found them was Dexter Carlos Sr., a security guard working at a bank in Makati and one of the victim’s husband. According to Dexter, he arrived home at around 8:45 am from his nightshift job but was surprised when no one opened the gate for him. He then climbed the gate only to see his mother-in-law, wife, and children massacred in their home.
On June 28, one of the suspects of the Bulacan massacre, 26-year-old Carmelo Ibanez, was arrested. Following his apprehension, he confessed to committing the heinous crime.
Senior Supt. Romeo Caramat Jr., Bulacan police director, asked him why he did such a thing.  Ibañez, a construction worker, said in an exclusive interview with ABS-CBN:
“Wala lang po, parang trip-trip lang… Naisipan lang pasukin, ganoon. Hindi naman po sinadya namin na talagang — kusa lang pong pinasok.”
Of the 5 victims of the Bulacan massacre, 2 women were r*ped by Ibañez and his two other companions, Tony and Inggo.
According to Ibañez, the three suspects collectively did P150 worth of shabu during their drinking session before they decided to go to the Carlos residence to murder the people living there. When asked why they also killed the children, he simply said he didn’t know that there were any. He said:
“Hindi po namin alam na may bata doon, ano na po kasi sa droga… Iyung mga bata, nakaka-meet ko rin po iyun. Minsan po kasi, nanood iyun sa kabila, sa ano ng ate ko, bahay.”
He then asked the family to forgive him for what he had done. Ibañez said:
“Ako po ang pumatay sa kanilang lahat. Nagsisi po ako sa ginawa ko po. Sana po ay mapatawad po ako kasi po lulong po ako sa droga saka po sa alak po. Pasensya na po kayo.”
Watch ABS-CBN’s full interview with the suspect below:

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