Netizens were outraged after watching this recording of police threatening and beating these two seemingly innocent men.

  • The video shows a police officer beating both men with a stick while holding a gun.
  • The police brutality incident occurred at the Brgy Hall in Brgy. San Jose.
  • Netizens became shocked and furious after seeing this viral video featuring a clear case of police brutality in Brgy. San Jose.
    The video was shared by the Facebook page Trending kay Babalu, which shows these policemen, identified as PO1 Jose Tandog and PO1 Chito Eniriquez, mercilessly beating two seemingly innocent civilians.

    According to the video’s caption, the brother of person who shared the video and his friend were apprehended by the policemen without just cause.
    They were then taken to the barangay hall because they could not pay for a ticket. It was there that both young men suffered through a recorded instance of police brutality. Both men were supposedly intimidated using an arnis stick and a loaded gun being pointed at the both of them.

    Luckily the man identified as Marvin was able to record the incident as it happened. Read the whole caption here:

    In the beginning of the video, a young man can be heard pleading to the officers, saying:
    “hindi ako nagmamalaki sa inyo sir!”
    That’s when the police officer with the arnis stick began swearing at him.
    Then the two men had asked if they had any “rules and regulations” (referring to their maltreatment) in the barangay. Both officers mockingly responded with “ang dami niyong alam!” and “marami kayong alam noh?”
    Afterwards, the police officer with the stick was seen taking out a pair of handcuffs as he approached one of the young men. The man asked not to be handcuffed because there was no case being filed against them.

    It was at that point that the stick-wielding policeman threatened to strike the man with the stick.
    “Gusto mo?!” the officer asked.
    The young man replied, “ok lang, walang problema”.
    That’s when the police officer first struck the man on what appeared to be his stomach and then right on his face. It was at that point that the police officer began repeatedly beating them and cursing at them. The violent police officer screamed:
    “Sige laban! P*tang ina! Puputukan ko kayo!”

    Watch the brutal evidence of police brutality here:
    Warning! The following video may contain graphic scenes. Viewer discretion is strongly advised.

    POLICE BRUTALITY SA BRGY. SAN JOSEHindi na po dapat ako magpopost Pero SOBRA na po talaga ang ginagawa ninyong pananakit, pangaabuso, pananakot. Kagabi hinuli ni JOSE TANDOG at CHITO ENRIQUEZ, parehong PO1 ang aking kapatid na si Marvin Calda at kumpare nyang si Mac2 Villanueva kahit walang nagawang kamalian. Dinala sila sa Brgy dahil wala silang dalang pangticket at doon naganap ang malahayop na pananakit at pagbunot at pagtutok ng baril. Ma buti nlng at mabilis na naisip ni Marvin na mavideohan ang mga pangyayari. Nasaan si Ron2 at kanyang mga tanod? Bakit wala kayong naging aksyon. Pasensya npo sir Ubina, yung pakiusap mo na huwag ipost ang pangyayari ay Hindi ko po mapagbibigyan. Martial law na ba sa atin? Diba mission ng mga police to "serve and protect"? May karapatan kami ipaglalaban namin. Lalaban po kami, Hindi ko palalampasin ang pangaabuso ninyo . Sa mga inabuso at sinaktan ng mga police sa ating barangay, hinihikayat ko kayong magsalita at magreklamo. Sa video makikita ninyo kung paano sinaktan at halos patayin na ang walang kalabanlaban nating kabarangay. Maraming salamat po.
    Posted by Trending kay Babalu on Tuesday, June 27, 2017
    Many netizens seem to agree that the incident recorded was unbecoming of a policeman in uniform. “To protect and serve” – that’s the policeman’s motto. Unfortunately, what happened here was clearly nowhere near protecting and serving.
    What do you have to say about this cold-hearted incident of police brutality? What can you say about these two officers of the law?
    SOURCE: Facebook

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